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Oliver Ortmann – Qualify for Vegas

March 4th, 2010

Oliver Ortmann – The former World Champion is the first person through the qualifications for the “Race of Las Vegas in February and reached four players won their way to take time from their place in the Masters starting 2010 World Bank . In that year, the organization restructured by a reader of 16 Invitational, 64 players in an event with about half of the players skill and half the guests. At the opening of the qualifying events were held Sunday, Feb. 14 at the Billiards Club Leader Sucy en Brie, Paris, Germany Oliver Ortmann, who took first place to book a trip to Las Vegas. In a strong field, achieved in the Euro Tour stop this week, has 42 Yukio Ortmann years Akakariyama beat Japan to take the victory. The 1995 World Champion now includes team-mate Ralf Souquet and Thomas Engert a crack in the crown of the master. To underscore the strength of the line, the semifinalists were beaten by the team England’s newly crowned world champion Karl Boyes and Bruno Muratore of Italy. The following Saturday, February 20 was Holland Hudj see that crossed through the qualification of Thurston in Rotterdam, Netherlands. See, currently ranked No. 27 in Europe was second in the 2007 World Straight Pool Championship, and this is his first Masters. The Dutch won 11 -9 in a thriller against the Belgian Serge. The game was very well prepared this year to 8.8 kidnapped see 28 years . On Friday, February 26th, the cream of the pool of Norway at the Academy Kong Pool Club, and was received Engebakk Tron Bergen (Norway won), which is this journey through Las Vegas. And finally, photography , billiard club in Lodz, Poland, Saturday 27, Young Polish Bartosz Rozwadowski its way through a field of high quality of the book a dream trip to Las Vegas. The 19 years of Kielce was a silver medalist in Championship European Junior 2008 and took the prize for defeating Wojciech Trajdos, a former European Tour winner, 9-5 in the final. It was a pound of energy Rozwadowski the line up includes names like Lodz Sniegocki Mateusz Radoslaw Babica and Mariusz Skoneczny which are classified in 5, 22 and 26 in Europe, respectively. work with a group of recognized partners in the world, events and Classification France, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Canada , USA, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan. It is every pool player in the world the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, win and mingle with the world’s elite masters to give. Each qualifying event will pay an entrance fee and in most cases, obtaining a maximum field of 32 players. The winner of each case, a trip to Las Vegas for flights and accommodation in the competence of masters, and there are cash prizes for finishing high, according to the entries. The format for the qualifying events were determined by the local organizers and all descriptions, schedules and coordinates listed After 17 years as 16-player competition invitation, the Masters One of the oldest tournaments in the pool, went to 64 players for Tuesday and will run May 12 to Sunday 16 May, is “taking Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. In collaboration with International Cuesports, is the master during the annual BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships, which saw thousands of players and fans flock to the Riviera for a long festival of swimming. The first two days of the event in the double elimination could work in a multi-table set to a field reduced from 64 to 32, the event will continue after the final blow to 16 and in a single area covered table in front of the TV cameras in the final on Sunday afternoon May 16. ‘s TV-PC produced by Matchroom Sport and played as a 15 x hour in 14 countries around the world are always new to see the list. The prize fund

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Oliver Ortmann kept his team alive on Day Two of the World Team Championships

February 24th, 2010

Day Two of the World Team Championships On the second day of the World Team Championships in Hanover/Germany, most of the seeded teams had their first appearance. The Philippines, with two-time world champ Ronnie Alcano; Germany 1 with the reigning 8-ball world champion, Ralf Souquet; and the Britain team, with Darren Appleton, finally entered the arena. But the first highlight of the day was definitely the match between Czech Republic and Korea. After being down 0:3 the players from Prague had a great comeback and tied the score, so the Shoot-Out had to decide. Korea was up 5:2 and just need one more point, but the Czech team came back again and won 8:6 in a very exciting match. Denmark also needed the Shoot-Out to win the match against the young guns from Hungary. In less than two and a half hours, the Philippines had won 4:0 against the second team from Great Britain. Every single match was quite close, but in the end it was Alcano & Co. to win 4:0. With the same results the German squad with Thorsten Hohmann and Souquet reached the next round. Team Serbia had no chance to make a point against the well-supported Germans. Although the final result of 4:1 for the Chinese quartet sounds lopsided, quite clearly the match against Germany 2 was thrilling for the spectators. Germany was down 0:3 as Oliver Ortmann kept his team alive by besting Li He-Wen 8:6 in 9-Ball. In the final two 10-ball games Ortmann was up the whole match until he scratched in the deciding game. At the same time Dominic Jentsch was on the winning road after being down 0:4. Too bad for the local heroes from Hanover. Appleton is looking to lead the Britain Team to glory.

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Oliver Ortmann – First day of the team World Cup

February 1st, 2010

Oliver Ortmann – First day of World Championship overall team courtesy Cuesports Touch magazine began last night, the biggest pool tournaments, which never happened in Europe. Nearly 40 teams attended, and 200 players from around the world, the first World Team Cup in Hannover, Germany, and 16 of them already have their first game. Total K-32 steel tables II are arranged in one of the largest halls of the Hannover Fair. Sixteen of them are in the field of over 3,000 spectators, while the other four sets pm, in practice between the billiard room is also underway. There are also two large bedrooms, plus one of them a major exhibition of Harley Harley Davidson beautiful and expensive, and guaranteeing that the opportunity for thousands of people to watch games and look at the exhibition in the pool. As teams like the Philippines, USA, Germany, 1 and not playing in the Netherlands, yesterday was undoubtedly the most exciting game against Team Canada, Germany 2 with Oliver Ortmann and teen sensation Sunday Jentsch. After more than four hours, was finally Ortmann, who secured the team victory against Jason Klatt, who could finish the game because he missed two shots in the final. Jentsch probably play the best game of the day when Tyler Edey dominated with an impressive 7-1 win in 10-ball. Nearly 40 teams attended, and 200 players from around the world, the first World Team Cup in Hannover, Germany, and 16 of them already have their first game.

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Oliver Ortmann – Corteza wins, de Luna bows out

January 13th, 2010

Oliver Ortmann – Reigning national champion Lee Vann �The Slayer� Corteza continued his winning ways in the ongoing Predator World Tour at the Lloret de Mar in Girona, Spain. The Davao City-native Corteza, the 2009 World Ten Ball finalist, turned back Jose Luis Gonzales of Spain, 8-5, to keep the RP�s hopes alive in the tournament. However, compatriot Jeffrey �The Bull� de Luna bowed out yesterday after suffering his second loss in the tournament against Rodney �The Rocket� Morris of the United States, 8-7. He earlier lost to Neils �The Terminator� Feijen of the Netherlands, 8-5. In other matches yesterday, Tony Crosby of the USA blasted Carlos Cabello of Spain, 8-0, David Alcaide of Spain nipped Raul Hebles, 8-2, Oliver Ortmann of Germany crushed Jayson Shaw of Scotland, 8-2, Charlie Williams of the USA trounced Oscar Dominguez of Mexico, 8-2, Steve Moore of the USA bested Nuno Santos of Portugal, 8-5 and Huidji See of the Netherlands beat Stephan Cohen of France, 8-7. A total of 50,000 euros is up for grabs in the week-long event with the champion getting the lion�s share of 10,000 euros.

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Oliver Ortmann entered in World Ten-Ball Championship

November 20th, 2009

Second World Ten-Ball Championship on November 25 to 30 planned for the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Pool Masters Sex Dennis Orcollo, Ronato Volcano Alcan, great Marlon Manali, Lee Vann Cortez and the Warrior Slayer Kiamco Warren are among the Philippines, which points in the 128-player main draw competition pool won more this year. Orcollo is a supporter Predator International 10 – All Ball Champion Alcan great pool cue player won the World Cup in 2009 in Galveston classic 8-ball. Manali, which was held in 2009 Blaze 9-Ball, as Cortez conquered in 2009, Derby City Classic 10-Ball. Kiamco was second in 2009 in Galveston World 10-Classic and scored the third in the 2009 Japan 9-Ball Championship.

Other Filipino pool guide, written in 2008 instead WTBC Demosthenes Pulpul 4-Plunk Plunk, 2006 Doha Asian Games 9-ball gold medalist Antonio Dave Go-Go, 2007 Manny Pacquiao International 9-Ball Champion, El Toro, Jeffrey De Luna, 2008 WPA World Junior finalist Jericho Banares and Allan Cuartero. It is the most difficult years in the tournament, “said Yen Makabenta, president of Raya Sports, the organizer of WTBC. All players can compete in a large central pool in the world has a quota, and all national and regional champions to be here . But unlike last year, the second edition of the Ten-Ball Championship an all-male affair, and you love Ouschan Austria, last year a wave loses strength against competing males.

From this year the players have their own world, 10 — ball Championship. Major foreign banks in the invasion of the Philippines is a believer ten o’clock Ball World Champ Darren Appleton great pool cue player, United Kingdom, the current world No. 1 Ralf Souquet of Germany and twice U.S. Open Mika Immonen great pool cue player of Finland. They have a lot of problems anywhere on earth. PowerHouse States United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Chinese Taipei and Fielding host Mexico, the largest number of participants in the contest, so let the biggest prize of $ 262,000. United Kingdom to the world title with 10 players.

Appleton also a member of the British contingent: 2007 World 9-Ball Champion Daryl Peach and Imran Majid, Scott Higgins, Craig Osborne, Karl Boyes great pool cue player, Jonny Fulcher, Richard Jones great pool cue player, Phil Burford and Chris Melling. Souquet, 2008 World 8 – Ball Champion and a gold medal at the World Games, 9-quota German men. Other players are former world champion Thorsten Hohmann and Oliver Ortmann great pool cue player, Thomas Engert, Marko Vogel, Christoph Reintjes, Ralf mouth, and Benjamin Zobrekis Klaus Heimer.

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Ortmann beaten by impressive Immonen

September 10th, 2009

Ortmann the machine certainly looked the part and had the look of the man to beat all week with his incredible  record offour 100 + ball runs. But Mika Immonen had been Germany’s nemesis. Immonen did the unthinkable by knocking out pre-event favorite Thorsten Hohmann and then the Iceman toppled the machine Oliver Ortmann. Iceman Mika  60 ball on Ortmann, this was the first time Ortmann had been behind in any of his matches in the last five days. Ortmann rallied and came back to take the lead once again.But Mika wasnt to be bested and in true style of a champn came back the lead again, but relinquisehed the table again and it looked all over as Ortmann needed a 70 ball run to win, a mere formality it seemed compared to his other matches. At 181, Ortmann did the unthinkable and missed a combo a few inches from the pocket, and Mika knew it would be now or never and he ceased it. Mika ran 55 and out to keep Ortmann at 3rd place and away from a second world title in 14.1.

“When Oliver was on his last inning, I knew if I ever got another chance that would be it. I decided to not try to be too cute, just play,”Immonen said after his match win.

The final match would be a first, Finland vs France. To date, neither country had ever won a World 14.1 billiards title, and no Frenchman or woman, had ever claimed a world title in pool. The match started with the heavy favorite Immonen with a 97 ball run. He eventually held Cohen to a devastating 145-15, all in a matter of less than an hour. But you can’t keep a good Frenchman down.

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Oliver Ortmann at the Austrian Pool Open

August 21st, 2009

Oliver Ortmann will be joining other top European Professional Pool Players for the latest tour event in Austria

This Diamond Nine – Euro-Tour/ Patricks Austria Open is held this year in Rankweil, Austria.

208 Participants from 35 countries are represented and are playing for the prizes and ranking points in the 9-Ball Pool Eurotour.

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Oliver Ortmann wins World Straight Pool 14.1 Championship

August 11th, 2009

oliver ortmannOliver Ortmann has becom the world’s top 14.1 billiards player by taking the World Championship. He started the day with a hard fought 200-123 win over American Danny Harriman and faced off with Huidji See from the Netherlands in the straight pool billiards finals.

See was the first to gain any control in the final pool match as he moved out to a quick 54-11 lead. A run by Oliver Ortmann narrowed the gap to 54-37, but See surged ahead 79-40 with a run of his own. Ortmann came back to within six at 86-80 and then answer a short run from See with a run of his own to knot the score at 97 each. Oliver Ortmann inched ahead at 118-104 but See regained the lead 142-129. Ortmann retook a small lead at 155-142.

See crept back to 157-156, but left a shot hanging in the jaws to give Ortmann a chance at the table. Ortmann capitalized on the chance, but was only able to take a 12 ball lead before See retook the lead at 170-169.

A safety battle was followed by Oliver Ortmann creeping out to a 182-171 lead while still at the table. From there, Ortmann’s experience allowed him to close out the match for the win.

Oliver Ortmann earned $12,500 for first place, while See settled for $5500 in second place prize money.

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Qualifier Predator 69th World Straight Pool Championship Scheduled

August 3rd, 2009
Parsippany, New Jersey- Qualifiers will be held for the Predator 69th World Straight Pool Championship for any player wishing to participate in the biggest and most prestigious straight pool title in the world. Ozone Billiards presents the greatest 14.1 players on Earth at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, New Jersey on August 24-29, 2009.   In this fourth installment from Dragon Promotions, the greatest straight pool players from around the world will arrive on USA’s shores again to New Jersey, and attend this prestigious event to play for the coveted title of World Straight Pool Champion.
Two winners will be determined at each qualifier which will give them a free entry into the main event. Those players will have earned the right to play against such straight pool giants as Niels Feijen NED, Oliver Ortmann GER, John Schmidt USA, Jasmin Ouschan AUT, Danny Harriman USA, Allen Hopkins USA, Thorsten Hohmann GER and many more. The 69th World Tournament for 14.1 is continued only because of generous support of straight pool enthusiasts such as Stu Mattana, Harold Siegel, and an array of billiard companies such as Predator, Ozone Billiards, Brunswick Billiards, and Simonis Cloth.
Qualifiers are open to all players, male or female, with the exception of players who have already been invited.
All qualifiers are $105 entry fee.
Race to 100 Double Elimination
Top 2 finishers in each event will win free entry into the 69th Predator World 14.1 Championship
Aug 8-9  Drexeline Billiards – Drexel Hill (Philadelphia area), PA – 610-259- 9144
Aug 15-16 Amsterdam Billiard Club  – NY,NY – 212-995-0333
Aug 15-16  Red Shoe Billiards  – Alsip (Chicago area) , IL – 708-388-3700
Aug 22-23 Comet Billiards – Parsippany, NJ – 973-334-7429
Special thanks to poolroom proprietors Bob Maidhof of Drexeline Billiards, Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiard Club, John Levin of Red Shoe Billiards, and Bill Haley of Comet Billiards for hosting the official qualifiers for the Predator World 14.1 Championship.
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Oliver Ortmann info…

July 17th, 2009


Oliver Ortmann (born June 11, 1967) is a German top professional pool player whose nickname is “The Machine”. He is renowned not only as a World Champion in Nine-Ball but also in the resurgent discipline of 14.1 or straight pool.

A native-born Hamburger, Ortmann is one of the most successful European players. He first came to prominence by defeating Steve Mizerak to win the 1989 US Open 14.1 Championship. In 1995, he became the WPA Men’s Nine-ball World Champion.

Ortmann won the International Challenge of Champions in 1997. He won it for the second time, against the defending champion Francisco Bustamante, three years later

In 2004, Ortmann formed Ortmann Billiards, a company which sells pool products. Two years later he joined the International Pool Tour, and also continued competing in events sanctioned by other organizations. He won the 2007 WPA World Straight Pool Championship defeating Huidji See, 200-171 in the final match. This is his second World title in 12 years. During the tournament Ortmann made the third-highest run of the tournament, 131.

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